Payroll Services

Many businesses want to hire their own temporary workers, but risk worker mis-classification. Through our payroll services, you send the candidate to us, and Tekcorus becomes the employer of record. Tekcorus takes responsibility for their time records, pay, taxes, ACA compliance and W-2 processing and distribution. We enable you to continue to source and select candidates while mitigating the risks of temporary or contract workers. We also enable your company to scale its workforce – up or down easily.

How to influence culture in your business

A company culture can be extremely important, especially at the genesis of a new company, as it sets the tone for the future and helps to outline the company’s key values and beliefs.


Teach self-denial and make its practice pleasure, and you can create for the world a destiny more sublime that ever issued from the brain of the wildest dreamer.

5 Qualities of Effective HR Managers

Human resources (HR) is a great career field for driven individuals who are organized and have a desire to help businesses succeed in reaching their goals. Nearly all companies have some form of HR department, and as the development of human capital becomes a greater focus, good HR professionals are in demand.

The value of critical thinking

4 insights to help you avoid failure as a leader

Experts say that to perform at our highest level, we need a good night’s sleep. Come to think of it, our mothers and fathers told us the exact same thing. But, how many of us always listened to that advice? How many of us have burned the mid-night oil and still, somehow, managed to create stellar results? We’re both guilty. We bet you are too.

3 tips for managing political debate in the workplace

“I understand the stakes are high with this presidential election,” Tony wrote us. “But, I just want to make it through tomorrow at the office. It started as civilized debate over the candidates. But, now, the tension has grown to a point where some of my coworkers won’t even speak to each other.”