4 insights to help you avoid failure as a leader

Experts say that to perform at our highest level, we need a good night’s sleep. Come to think of it, our mothers and fathers told us the exact same thing. But, how many of us always listened to that advice? How many of us have burned the mid-night oil and still, somehow, managed to create stellar results? We’re both guilty. We bet you are too.

3 tips for managing political debate in the workplace

“I understand the stakes are high with this presidential election,” Tony wrote us. “But, I just want to make it through tomorrow at the office. It started as civilized debate over the candidates. But, now, the tension has grown to a point where some of my coworkers won’t even speak to each other.”

a Brand New World of Opportunity

As a valued client, we are proud to announce an important change at Kortek Innovative Solutions. As of November 1st 2016, we are changing our name to Tekcorus. The name change is a result of a rebranding effort designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our organization. The name Tekcorus conveys our core disposition of working cohesively alongside our clients to recruit the industry’s best technical talent in IT, Engineering & Financial fields.

Tekcorus Strategic Study